Friday, March 26, 2010

Read the Scriptures Website

So, my visiting teacher is amazing. Yes, I have always adorn Sister Fuller. She is full of ideas and is a great homemaker, mother, teacher, and lady. She is great, not only do I get great recipes from her, but now she has shared an awesome website with me while she was VT me this week. It is called read the scriptures. It's a website that lets you set up a schedule to help you meet your goals to read the scriptures. You pick everything...the timeline, which scriptures you want to read and it email you every day your assignment and you have to click the complete button at the bottom to tell them you read it and then they send you your next assignment. So since she taught me about learning to love the scriptures and make them a priority in my life, I have set up an account and have challenged myself to follow through with it! So, I challenge anyone and everyone to do the same! Thanks Sister Fuller for the AMAZING Easter eggs you made me...they were delicious and for the message this month. You are an inspiration to me!

The website is