Sunday, October 31, 2010


this was last halloween, Riley's first. Look how little she cute!
Here is me and Riley, I am not dressed up, just a tired mom in her PJs :0)


Riley is so excited cause she saw a dog.
Riley and Daddy knocking on our house door to see Papa handing out candy.
Papa taking her to a couple houses.
Riley and her Daddy...she kept wanting James to carry her or hold her.

Well here are some more photos out of order cause i'm sick of trying to add more pictures to the first post, after I was given an error 4xs!


Riley so excited to be with her Daddy and seeing other kids dressed up
Trick or Treat
I'm ready Dad :0) I got my bucket!
Look out, it's SUPERGIRL!

So, Riley was Supergirl for Halloween...I copied my sister's baby London. :0) She looked so dang cute carrying her pumpkin bucket around to the 5 houses that we went to. (She's only 16 months, she can't really eat a lot of candy.) But she had a lot of fun and loved seeing all the kids out dressed up.