Saturday, December 11, 2010

Don't Bother Calling Me....

Well, since I don't have a house phone for people to contact me when you can't reach me on my cell I thought the next best thing is to blog it. So, the reason my title is don't bother calling me is because Riley dropped my cell phone is the toilet this morning while my DEAR husband was watching her (he let me go back to sleep this morning, he is so SWEET.) So, the second time I woke up this morning it wasn't to Riley yelling for me to get her out of her was to James saying "You have to get a new phone!" (As he dropped my phone that the screen is full of toilet water on the bed, YES I will be washing the sheets). Then he told me that he heard Riley flush the toilet and went to tell her to get out of the toilet water and stop playing and then he REALIZED she was carrying my phone that was dripping water! Yeah, the life of being a parent. At that moment I laughed and thought "WOW! For ONCE phone insurance has come in handy!" So, don't bother calling me until Tuesday when my new phone gets here because since its Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, my phone won't get overnighted until Monday. So until Tuesday I will be out of the loop and out of a phone :0)

PS-I thought it would be funny to tell you things that have occurred on JAMES' watch (while babysitting Riley)

1.) Riley at dog food (first and last time, but she did try and go back for more)
2.) Riley colored on the Kitchen walls with red and black crayons
3.) Riley dropped my phone in the toilet

I really can't tell if he lets these things happen on purpose so that he doesn't have to babysit or it just happens :0) Oh well, stories to remember and tell later.