Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To GLEE or not to GLEE..that is the Question!

I am torn! I LOVE music, so naturally I LOVE-D Glee. But now, it seems like it is getting WORSE and WORSE every episode. They keep trying to be "politically correct." The gays, teenage pregnancy, the underage alcohol drinking, and now lesbians and wanting to make sex-videos, and stating "that teenagers not having sex is like a lion being a vegetarian is unrealistic!" I have overlooked it in the beginning...yes shame on me. But now, after tonight's episode I am faced with the question...to continue watching it (for the music, of course, not for the morals), or to stop watching it all together. And just get the c.d.s

So, I ask you fellow bloggers...and Gleeks...to Glee or NOT to Glee? That's my question...what's your answer?