Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Look at all those teeth!
I absolutely LOVE this picture of Riley
"Yup, these are my boobies."
Riley LOVES dogs, whenever she hears one she stops and barks and looks for it.
She always goes to pet them, or I should say sticks them in the eye or the mouth...scary I know...
"Hey doggie, look at the camera!"
Somebody let me out of here!

Yes, these are two ladies with two VERY strong attitudes. I like to call the smallest one a DIVA.
This is just me and my Dad. :0) Hanging out!
Yes, I am the center of EVERYTHING!

Here are some pictures of our family, taken by my Mom (Michelle Giles, Photo Creations by Michelle) they aren't edited yet and she'd probably kill me if she knew I was putting them on her but oh well :0) I'm her daughter, she'll have to forgive me :0) Thanks Mom, Love you!