Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Happens When You Turn 25....

You get an I-Pad 2! Yeah! :0) I have been thinking what have I accomplished at 25? Well, yes I have ACTUALLY accomplished the goals I set out for:

1.) A GREAT husband who took me to get married in the temple (almost 5 yrs ago now).
2.) Had a beautiful baby girl (almost 2 years ago now).
3.) Graduated from college (almost 2 yrs ago, 2 weeks after having that beautiful baby girl).
4.) Stay at home Mom

It's funny because I LOVE being a stay at home Mom, but sometimes I miss out on feeling like I accomplished something, other than my to-do list. I know I am doing the most important job there is but sometimes I miss the feeling of accomplishment that others might feel in the workplace. I know that is so dumb to think like that but SOMETIMES I do. And I KNOW there are others out there that feel that same way :0)

So anyways, now I need to pick what color cover I want for my I-Pad! Any suggestions? I got the black one if that helps to decide what color cover. :0)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Riley LOVES her Dad...

"Can you hear me now Uncle Cameron?"
This was so funny...Riley grabbed James' remote and ear-piece and climbed up on the coffee table where James usually sits to play video games.
Riley getting some cuddling time with James
Riley and James playing video games. They're two peas in a pod!

Here is how James bonds with Riley...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To GLEE or not to GLEE..that is the Question!

I am torn! I LOVE music, so naturally I LOVE-D Glee. But now, it seems like it is getting WORSE and WORSE every episode. They keep trying to be "politically correct." The gays, teenage pregnancy, the underage alcohol drinking, and now lesbians and wanting to make sex-videos, and stating "that teenagers not having sex is like a lion being a vegetarian is unrealistic!" I have overlooked it in the beginning...yes shame on me. But now, after tonight's episode I am faced with the continue watching it (for the music, of course, not for the morals), or to stop watching it all together. And just get the c.d.s

So, I ask you fellow bloggers...and Glee or NOT to Glee? That's my question...what's your answer?