Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rileys Second Birthday Party Tangled Theme

Today we had Riley's second birthday party. I had so much fun planning and throwing it! We decided to have a small party only inviting kids that are her age, from nursery. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to planning many more!

Riley running outside. The weather was UNBELIEVABLE! Really we couldn't have had it on a nicer day it was overcast with the wind blowing a cool breeze. A nice change.
My Tutu (yes...tutu, which means Grandma) made Riley's cake. She did an AMAZING job! Thanks Tutu!

I ended up ordering these cupcakes from a local bakery, cause I thought the cake would take a while and it did :0) I only ordered enough of these for each child that came. The lizard with the crown was Riley's.

We hung Rapunzel's hair from our second story porch. At first I was going to braid it, but that was taking WAY too much time so I decided to just "Let her hair down," (hehe punt intended).

This is where the children ate. Each child had a water bottle with their name and a sun on it. It played as a sitting card and one of their party favors. Thanks Holly for drawing the suns on them! As you can see Rapunzel's Tower is in the corner. Riley loves that tent.
This is actually my sister's Rapunzel doll. I made that sign. (That's the name of the pub that Flynn takes Rapunzel to in the movie).
There is a picture of the other party favors. I painted the purple bags with the sun and put sidewalk chalk and a fruit-by-the-foot in the bag (for Pascal's tongue). Then I put all of them in a frying pan.
Here is myself posing by the table and decorations. I made that banner out of fabric and painted the sun on those also. For the food we had meat, bread, cheese skewers and grapes, pretzels. Then for the adults we had the cupcakes on the left side of the table. I just bought chocolate cupcakes from Bilo and made duck white chocolate molds and put them on top of those.
Riley and James. So cute! She loves her daddy. Every morning she wakes up asking where he is.
Riley's shirt said Birthday Girl 2 on the front and on the back it said "My Hair is Down". A friend in the church was nice enough to embroider it for me! Thanks Carol!

I will post some pictures of all the kids playing outside. There was no activities that had to be done, we just let them play on the slides, had sidewalk chalk, a water table and of course BUBBLES! Thanks everyone for coming Riley had SO MUCH FUN! And thanks for all the presents! I had a great time planning her party and making stuff for it. If I had to work (Thanks honey, for being my Sugar Daddy so I don't have to) I would definitely love to be a party planner!

And a HUGE thanks to my Mom for taking the pictures!