Friday, March 26, 2010

Read the Scriptures Website

So, my visiting teacher is amazing. Yes, I have always adorn Sister Fuller. She is full of ideas and is a great homemaker, mother, teacher, and lady. She is great, not only do I get great recipes from her, but now she has shared an awesome website with me while she was VT me this week. It is called read the scriptures. It's a website that lets you set up a schedule to help you meet your goals to read the scriptures. You pick everything...the timeline, which scriptures you want to read and it email you every day your assignment and you have to click the complete button at the bottom to tell them you read it and then they send you your next assignment. So since she taught me about learning to love the scriptures and make them a priority in my life, I have set up an account and have challenged myself to follow through with it! So, I challenge anyone and everyone to do the same! Thanks Sister Fuller for the AMAZING Easter eggs you made me...they were delicious and for the message this month. You are an inspiration to me!

The website is

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Riley Cruisin' while I am doing some crafts

I am sorry that this video is sideways...I don't know if I can or how to turn it and I didn't want to wait till my computer savy Hubby gets off work! :0) This is what Riley was doing while I was doing some crafts. She is really quick and sneaky in that thing. And she can turn whatever way she wants in it and pick it off the carpet when she gets stuck...she's a quick one.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cheerleading is NOT an option!

Today Riley was just watching James play his flying game while holding her leg up in the air, like so. She did this for like 5 minutes straight. James and I have already determined that cheer leading is OUT of the question. :0)
Somethings that Riley does right now:
-When she wakes up, she starts kicking her feet high and making a thumping noise on the mattress.
-Rolls all over her crib and gets caught up in the corner and starts fussing.
- Reaching for everything, she is very quick and sneaky. (I think we underestimate her sneakiness :0)
-RUNS everywhere in her walker and can completely control where she goes. Has to touch every knob on the cabinets as she passes them. And open and close them also.
-Laughs all the time and it sounds like Woody Woodpecker.
-Still doesn't completely trust or like strangers, but smiles and interacts all day with the people she recognizes.
-Going through a phase where she doesn't want ANYTHING on her head, headbands, bows, hats, nothing! It is so frustrating because she has so many cute things that Andrea made her. (Sometimes she doesn't mind, this just starting this week.)
-STILL has to know where I am at all times.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Gift From Tutu

I was so excited when I went to get the mail on Tuesday and I saw a large box with my name on it! I was even more excited when I saw the stickers on the box letting me know what was in the box! I quickly opened the box and the envelope to see who gave Riley this AMAZING gift. My grandma, who we call Tutu sent this to Riley. I had been wanting this for so long but was waiting till I had some extra money, since it's $200. We are so grateful for this gift! I started Riley on it on Wed. I had to watch and read the parent's guide to figure out how to use all these amazing learning tools. I am excited because I want Riley to get ahead start on learning and develop a LOVE for learning. So far she loves watching the movies and playing with the flash cards, books. Thanks TUTU. We are excited to see you this weekend!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Phone Pictures Part 1

These are some pictures from my cell phone. They aren't great quality, but I thought they were just so dang cute, everyone should be able to enjoy them :0)
Getting ready to leave for church
So cute...Riley playing with her dollie that Pattie gave her. Thanks Pattie, she loves it :0)

I'm thinking about crawling....


Pictures from Phone Part 2

Riley isn't interested in crawling at all but she loves walking (with our support) maybe one day she'll crawl...
This is how she keeps herself entertained while Mommy gets her make-up on.

Check out that amazing flower Andrea crochetted! She is amazing and I am so lucky to have such a crafty friend!

This is what Riley did with her bib. It was so cute!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Personal Doll...Riley

I won't pretend that I don't enjoy having a little girl to dress up. I look forward to picking out her clothes, painting her toes, making her bows. This Sunday Riley was all decked out in the outfit that her Auntie Xan gave her, and she even had her purse that Great Grandma Cooley gave her...(it is perfect, it holds her binkie & she loves it). Another baby also liked her purse so much she tried to take it! :0)
Yes, I hear it all the time that my daughter is always decked out and I am making her high maintainence even as a baby. But guess what?'s my baby and i'll do whatever the HECK I want with her. :0) So, I guess what I am trying to say is that I enjoy playing dress up with my daughter, afterall, she is a girl and that's what Mommy's do with their daughters.