Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I knew I was white but...

 Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
So, James and I headed to the mall today and I thought "Hey I need some foundation, mine is almost out and now that winter is here I am lighter so my foundation right now doesn't really match." I decided to take the foundation I still had so I would know what color I was not and go lighter. Here is how it played out as I sat in the chair waiting for the MAC girl to come help me.

Me: "I need some foundation, here is what I have right now...but I need to go lighter, it's too dark for me.

MAC: "You need lighter then this?" (with a disbelief look on her face & James listening and watching all this go down...trying not to laugh)

Me: "Yes, I know I am butt white..."

MAC: "OK, this one is too dark." (Then she goes and gets the first bottle on the sample tray) "This is the one."

Me: "Wow, am I really the first foundation, the LIGHTEST one?"

MAC: "Yup, good thing cause that's the lightest we have!"

Me: "Awesome. Now, I am the whitest person the MAC lady has ever put makeup on."