Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Gross' Sex Revealed

So, Wednesday we had the ultrasound done to determine the sex of baby Gross. Like I did with Riley, I drank a Coke before the appointment because I have heard of people who couldn't tell what the sex was because the baby was asleep. So, with Riley I drank a Mtn. Dew, with this baby I drank a Coke. Well, we were in that ultrasound appointment for OVER an hour because Baby Gross just wanted to dance! We didn't get the money shot until the very end of the appointment. I even went to talk to the doctor then went back into the ultrasound room to have it done again! The technician then said what she thought the sex of the baby was, but after looking at it for so long she told me to come back tomorrow and they would look again to be 100% sure of the sex! So, I went back and it was great! They confirmed what the first ultrasound technician said it was and I got some 4D pictures of this sweet baby and didn't even have to pay for them! (since I had to come back). James thinks all ultrasound pictures are creepy and I am just amazed! But anyways, ITS A BOY! And he's healthy and everything looks good!

His name will be: Giles Hazen Gross

Explanation behind the name we chose: Giles is my Maiden name for those who have only known me as Gross. Hazen is James' brother's middle name and Grandpa's Mom's Maiden name (did you catch all that?) But I really just like the name Hazen. So, that is his name and James and I love it and love that we will now have both girl and boy. Riley is SUPER excited to be a Big Sister and have a little brother. That's what she tells us now, but we'll see when Giles gets here!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Girl = Big Bed

Monday night James and I were watching tv and I started to hear some strange noises so James hit mute. We both looked at each other and were like "I guess Riley is jumping in her crib." Oh well, she's not yelling for us and it's 10:30 she can stay in her room. Not 2 minutes later I hear clear as day "Mom!" I looked at James startled and said "Is she in the hallway?" Sure enough we was walking down the stairs. She had learned how to climb out of her crib and come downstairs. So James put up the baby gate upstairs again and she climbed out a total of 3xs that night.

So, needless to say she is in a bed now and has childproof handles on her side of the door. We already had this bed in one of the guest rooms that the baby will be in so we just switched the crib for the bed. It's a big bed for a little girl but she slept all night in it last night. Hopefully she keeps that up! We did have to rearrange her whole room though so that we could have the bed up against a wall for her head! But all in all she seemed pretty excited about it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Girl Time

I have to admit that I love doing girlie things with Riley. We like to paint our toes and fingers together, we like to put on our makeup together (mine is for real, hers not so much, mostly a big powder brush and an old powder case), we like to have tub time...her in the tub me in the shower. I will spare you, there aren't any pictures of me in the shower :0)

It is true that I have been training her to be a girlie girl since before she could talk, she had a binkie purse as a baby that she wore. But I have also been training her to be a tom-girl for her later years because I want a girl that plays sports and I don't consider Cheerleading a sport...gasp...I REALLY did just say that!

Here are some random pictures of Riley also. She loves hanging out in James' Mustang she'll just sit in the garage in the car with her dolls and play for an hour. We literally have to drag her out of the car. She likes to play hide-go-seek. Can you find her in the one picture :0) Her most recent thing is her saying "Come play with me!" It is so cute and sad when you can't cause you HAVE to do laundry.

There is a picture of all the things that Riley loves to play with in the tub and I HIGHLY recommend all of those products if your child doesn't want to get in the tub. Now, Riley loves the tub and I think the paint and crayons helped in teaching her colors (she's known those for a while, but when we were teaching her colors).

And an update about Baby #2, we find out what we're having in 16 days but who's counting? We want to find out before Christmas so that we can tell James family in person. Yes, I am going to copy the Duggars and do a cake to tell what the sex is. It will be pink or blue inside. Because that's how we are going to tell everyone I will post the picture on the blog after we cut the cake :0) Should be a lot of fun.