Friday, January 27, 2012

Riley turning into a BIG girl

So, I haven't updated in FOREVER. We went to Utah for Christmas and then when we got home it was time to get rid of Riley's binkie! She LOVED it, so much that she asked for it EVERY TIME we got in the car, and HAD to have it to sleep. I was determined to bite the bullet or binkie in this case. I did it COLD TURKEY, I got all of the binkies and washed them and put them away. I won't lie it was hard and there were some nights with not much sleep...but she's binkie free! It took 3 days for her to get to the point where she was sleeping regularly again. Here is a picture of her with it before we tossed it!

After we were rid of the binkie it was time to start thinking about potty training. So for 2 weeks we were getting the necessary things we needed before we could officially start. We went with Riley to get a small potty, we let her pick out "BIG GIRL PANTIES," and I bought a bunch of stickers, candy, popsicles, funk food as rewards. And wouldn't you know it that girl wanted the stickers the most and wanted to see the pictures I took of her as rewards! haha she is so narcissistic!

Just like the binkie, it was hard in the beginning. Her biggest problem was that she didn't know when she was about to pee, she would just do it. So, the first day was constanstly changing her underwear and cleaning up pee puddles :0) The second day she started to realize that she was about to pee but couldnt make it to the potty quick enough so she'd pee some in her pants and some on the potty. The THIRD day she was telling me she had to pee and holding it when we went out shopping and peeing when we got home!!!! And TODAY the FOURTH day she told me that she had to poop and she went into the bathroom and sat there for a little while. I went to check on her asked her if she was done she said no, so I left and then she came out saying "YUCK! YUCK! Get it Mom, Get it! It's STINKY!" I couldnt BELIEVE it!!!! She had really pooped. Before she would hold it until nap-time or bedtime so she could do it in the diaper! This was A HUGE accomplishment and we did a dance, I told her she was awesome. We took a picture and she was so proud of herself. So, we are so pleased with her and hope she keeps up the good work!